Malo Korrigan and the Space Tracers (partially found English dub of French animated TV series; 2002)

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Malo Korrigan and the Space Tracers promo pic.png

A promo pic featuring the main characters.

Status: Partially Found

Malo Korrigan and the Space Tracers, also known as Malo Korrigan et les Traceurs de l'espace in French, is a 2002, French, sci-fi, animated, television series that ran for one season of 26 episodes. It was co-created by Arthur Qwak and Norman J. LeBlanc. It was co-produced by Futurikon, Tooncan, Canal J, and Metropole Television, the latter of which was also the distributor.[1] The French band, Deep Forest, composed an original song as the theme for the English version. Although it aired in several other countries, including Canada, there were never any airings received in the U.S.

Plot[edit | edit source]

After several centuries of intergalactic warfare, a truce is called at last and the universe is brought to peace. Over 200 planets have allied with one another as the Cosmocratic League, keeping the peace and promoting economic, space development. To preserve the stability and unity of the planets, interplanetary transport has been the essential service and the norm with some companies profiting from it, like the Krill-Fireng Consortium. But there are only a few independents that remain in response, desiring to conserve their rebellion and liberty, while encountering many perils along the way as they travel from planet to planet to deliver the goods. That is exactly what happens in each episode, with the most renowned Space Tracer being Malo Korrigan, who, along with his crew, travel by way of a ship called the Starduke. Malo is a pilot and captain who is considered gifted and to be among the best in the Consortium's fleet. He was originally imprisoned for going against his employer's techniques and joined the Tracers following his release. He is a freedom defender and because he is so good-hearted, he will put his duties on hold to come to others' aid if he finds them in need. He is accompanied by Jonas Peqoud, a veteran space navigator with an artificial hand, handy (both literally and figuratively) in repairing things; Cyana Baahra, a cyan green, alien princess and pilot who has tentacles for arms that are capable of stretching; and Hwik Hwik, a small alien pet and mascot.

Episode List[edit | edit source]

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Sio Dolderan 2002 Found
2 Old Soldier 2002 Found
3 Operation Sharatan 2002 Lost
4 The Daisukis 2002 Found
5 Breaking the Ice 2002 Found
6 Gruiks 2002 Lost
7 Living Memory 2002 Found
8 Pacem 2002 Lost
9 Xox 2002 Lost
10 Farenheit 2002 Lost
11 There be Monsters Here 2002 Lost
12 Rescue 2002 Lost
13 The Gift 2002 Lost
14 Time Trap 2002 Lost
15 Distant Encounter 2002 Lost
16 The Black Sun 2002 Lost
17 Follow Your Dream 2002 Lost
18 The Evil Spirit 2002 Lost
19 Alison Bracket 2002 Lost
20 Forsaken 2002 Lost
21 Outlaw 2002 Lost
22 Reunion 2002 Lost
23 Roll Over Mac Murphy 2002 Lost
24 Just Milliseconds Away 2002 Lost
25 A Question of Trust 2002 Lost
26 Mouandibi 2002 Lost

Availability[edit | edit source]

To date, only five of the episodes are available in English on YouTube, as what have been found are mentioned in the table above this. The 21 missing episodes have yet to be recovered.

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Videos[edit | edit source]

The opening and theme song.
The premiere episode of the series.

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