Makemebad35's "How To" videos (partially lost web series; 2010)

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Makemebad35 Damian.jpg

The creator of the series, Damian Sanders-Baron (aka Makemebad35).

Status: Partially Lost

In 2010, YouTuber Makemebad35 uploaded a string of comedic sketches based off of the How to videos format. The series of sketches involved him and a girl trying to complete certain tasks while informing the viewers how to execute the said task with Damian ending up either failing or succeeding. After that, a quote appears.

All 15 videos soon became privatized. The reason for the privatization is that the girl had trouble getting a job in real life as a consequence of her appearances in the videos.

13 of the 15 videos have been found, with one of them being censored and another being a bootleg.

Although it is likely Damian is still in possession of all of the entire series, it's very unlikely that he'll release the rest of the videos, for the sake of the girl's well-being.


Video Status
How To Kiss Perfectly Found
How To Steal Money Partially Found
How To Stalk A Girl Found
How To Get Laid Partially Found
The D#ck Whisperer! Found
Suck It Found
The Nice Asshole Found
Girl and Magic Giraffe Found
College Party Found
The Crazy Million Found
Make ME Bad!! Found
The Sleepwalker Found

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