Lurpak (partially lost Aardman Animations commercials for Danish butter brand; 1990s)

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The Douglas character.

Status: Partially Lost

One of the various series of commercials created by British animation studio Aardman is for the Lurpak brand, centered around the character of Douglas (who is made out of butter) and his trumpet and the female narrator that often gets annoyed by him.

Many of the adverts were uploaded to the internet through YouTube, though some of them cannot be found in their original versions or at all. There was a Douglas videotape released that went through ads made to that point that featured some otherwise unseen.

Ads[edit | edit source]

To coincide with the 1992 Olympics, Lurpak had a special "Gold Coins" promotion and six[1] Douglas adverts to go with it, in which he tries out a lot of different sports that his food-based and sized surroundings will allow him. There were the following:

# Ad Title Status Notes
1 Hurdling (over napkins down the dining table) Partially Found Footage seen in the Douglas video.
2 Diving (Into cake mix from a bread knife) Found
3 Weightlifting (using carrot slices on a cocktail stick) Partially Found Footage seen in the Douglas video.
4 Discus (Carrot slice again) Found
5 (Trampolining on bread) Partially Found Footage is seen in the Douglas video.
6 (Running) Found Footage is seen in the Douglas video.

Another ad had the narrator forcing the uncooperative Douglas into the shot and to speak properly to the camera. This can be found, but only as presented in the Douglas video.

One ad for a promotional Douglas butter dish has also since been found.

Unknown Still[edit | edit source]

In Aardman: An Epic Journey Taken One Frame at a Time, there still an unknown Lurpak advert. This may not have resemblance with any adverts currently available online, but Douglas's expression does look it may have been from the end of the "Asleep" ad. Looking at the still for "Love Story" used for this article's image, there are also visual discrepancies between it and any actual frames from the ad, so it could just be another case of that rather than an unknown advert.

The unknown still.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The Douglas video version of the "Rascal" ad.
The Douglas video version of the "Olympics" ad and footage of #3, #5 & #6.
The Douglas Video with footage of #1 (9:45 - 9:47).
The Collective Animation Archive's #3 reconstruction.
The Collective Animation Archive's #5 reconstruction.
The promotional Douglas butter dish ad.

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