Loulou de Montmartre (partially found English dub of French animated TV series; 2007)

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The titular, main character.

Status: Partially Found

Loulou de Montmartre is a 2007 French-Italian animated adventure, crime, drama, romance, thriller television series that ran for one season and 26 episodes. The co-creators behind this were Francoise Boublil and Jean Helpert.[1] The co-production was Pictor Media Animation, Animation Band, France 3, and Rai Fiction. The show aired in Italy in 2007 before airing in France in 2008. In France, it aired on France 3 as part of the Toowam program and on France 5 as part of the Ludo program. In Quebec, it aired on Tele-Quebec.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In 1890s, France, as a baby, Loulou is brought by her mother to a priest known as Father Menard and leaves her in his care. Loulou's mother can no longer care for her due to being pursued by someone and leaves her with Father Menard one wintry night for her own safety. 12 years later, in the early 1900s, Loulou aspires to be a dancer, particularly ballet. But after Father Menard passes away, she's sent to an orphanage, headed by the cruel Madame Trochu, who is determined to hinder her dream and make life there as miserable for her as possible. Before that, she happens to come across some mysterious man known as The Man with The Silver Cane, who had been pursuing Loulou and her mother years ago. Later, Loulou receives a gift, which is a pair of red ballet slippers. Little does Loulou know, there could be more to these than she realizes. There's also a chance that both of her parents might actually still be alive. But before she can find out for sure and achieve her other goal, she has to overcome all obstacles in her way somehow.

Episode List[edit | edit source]

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 The Return of the Man with the Silver Cane 2007 Found
2 Boardinghouse 2007 Found
3 Getaway 2007 Found
4 Merry Christmas Monsieur Le Baron 2007 Found
5 1900 2007 Lost
6 The Escape 2007 Lost
7 Departure 2007 Lost
8 The Ribounets 2007 Lost
9 The Fire 2007 Lost
10 Injustice 2007 Lost
11 Escape 2007 Lost
12 Swan Lake 2007 Lost
13 My Father's Castle 2007 Lost
14 Eleanor 2007 Found
15 The Encounter 2007 Lost
16 Little Rats 2007 Partially Lost/Found
17 Thunderclap 2007 Found
18 The Bearded Woman 2007 Lost
19 New Life 2007 Lost
20 The Girl in the Leather Mask 2007 Lost
21 Loulou's Ghost 2007 Lost
22 French Cancan 2007 Partially Lost/Found
23 Sylvia Newton 2007 Lost
24 Reunion 2007 Lost
25 Take Off the Masks 2007 Lost
26 Loulou de Montmartre 2007 Found

Availability[edit | edit source]

On KissCartoon and KimCartoon, most of the episodes that are currently available are in English, whereas episodes 5,6, and 7 are in French. Only part of episode 16 and 22 are on both sites, as only part of the recap is shown of each of those. The whole series is available on Youtube, but in French rather than English. The Animation Band channel has the intro with English opening credits, the third episode in Italian, and only the last episode in English.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Videos[edit | edit source]

The opening sequence with English credits.

References[edit | edit source]

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