Los Inhumanos (lost MS-DOS port of Spanish arcade game; 1990)

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Game cover.

Status: Lost

Los Inhumanos (aka Inhuman, The) is a Spanish arcade game developed by Delta Software, S.L. in 1990 for Amstrad CPC, Amstrad PCW, MSX, ZX Spectrum and MS-DOS.[1][2] Los Inhumanos's title roughly translates into English as "The Cruel" or "The Cruel Ones".


The DOS port was referenced in one of the game commercials[3] and in the game manual.[4] Information about it is still scarce online and the port has not been dumped.


Gameplay Screenshots

References to the DOS Port



Spectrum walkthrough of the game.
Amstrad CPC longplay.
MSX version of the game.
Amstrad PCW version.