Life Without Soul (lost silent film adaptation of "Frankenstein"; 1915)

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Advertisement poster for the film.

Status: Lost

Life Without Soul was a silent American horror film released back in 1915.[1] It was written by Jesse J. Goldberg and directed by Joseph W. Smiley. This was the second film adaptation of the Mary Shelley novel Frankenstein.

It told the tale of a wealthy physician who discovers a "Fluid of Life" that can animate the dead. While reading Shelley's Frankenstein, Frawley falls asleep and dreams about animating a clay statue called "The Creation" (Percy Standing). After witnessing the horrors of the monster, Frawley awakens from his dream and destroys the elixir.

The film has been lost for many years and has not yet surfaced anywhere. It is unknown if any copy of the film still exists.

Some stills of the movie and a promotional pamphlet have resurfaced, the latter describing the plot in some detail.

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