Les Cartooneurs Associés's early ads (partially found animated commercials; 1982-1990s)

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The logo of the Cartooneurs in their demo reel.

Status: Partially Found

Les Cartooneurs Associés ("The Associated Cartoonists") is a French animation studio that was founded in 1982 by Denis Olivieri. It has worked on a variety of animated series, such as Martin Morning and Mummy Nanny.

However, in its early days from the 1980s to the 1990s, it also animated a variety of animated commercials and other interstitial material that is now rare or lost.

It is difficult to trace the exact animated work production by the Cartooneurs. Their official filmography only lists their mainstream animated series beginning with Bouli in 1989, however, their demo reel shows many ads and miscellaneous material.

Demo Reel[edit | edit source]

Their official website showed a demo reel (that can only be read through the old RealPlayer format). It notably begins with original footage of an anthropomorphic pig who says: "Hello, my name is Jacques, and I am going to transform!" He then begins to shapeshift to Batman, and a series of animated screens begins scrolling, showing miscellaneous footage from ads and cartoons. Jacques's transformation is temporarily put back in focus where he shapeshifts into Charlie Chaplin. The demo reel then ends with the animated opening theme of the old French TV program Avis de recherche.

A lot of this footage has not been identified to this day.

Some of it seems contradictory, as it shows a scene from the 1983 animated film Katy the Caterpillar, and no official data cites the Cartooneurs as participating to the production of this movie.

The demo reel can be dated to at least 1999, as it is set to the song Bodyrock by Moby, originally released in July of 1999.

Mirror video of the Cartooneurs demo reel.

Found/Identified Ads/Footage[edit | edit source]

# Title Notes Status
1 Unknown "Jacques the Pig" spot Jacques the Pig shapeshifts into Batman. Later in the video, he turns into Charlie Chaplin. Lost
2 Unidentified animated spot Some redheaded prehistoric children facing a red dinosaur. Resembles The Smoggies. Lost
3 Unidentified animated spot Ghosts/white figures taking the bus at night. Lost
4 Unidentified animated ad Commercial featuring an anthropomorphic bird woman taking a golden V-shaped trophy. Lost
5 Pic-Nic Break 1995 commercial for chocolate dip biscuit sticks. Found
6 Le Youki A 1987 animated music video for Richard Gotainer's novelty song, starring the only animated appearance of the famous French comic characters Les Bidochons. Some more of the video is shown later in the reel. Found
7 Unidentified ad Footage of two live-action men in red-yellow spacesuits leaving an animated crashed rocket. Lost
8 Unidentified animated spot A fat female trapezist catching on a smaller male trapezist. Lost
9 Unidentified ad Footage of stylized white lines on a black background, forming abstract figures. Lost
10 Syvofa Volailles Fermières d'Auvergne commercial A 1995 commercial for poultry/chicken products. Found
11 Gervais Eskimo Pies Animated commercial While most Gervais eskimo pie ads are found, this one mentioning Mother's Day hasn't been found yet. Lost
12 La Coccinelle de Gotlib episode Aired around the mid-1990s (NSFW). Found
13 Double Dragon 2 commercial Aired in 1991. Found
14 Unidentified animated spot Dog at a streetlight. Lost
15 Le Cantal ad A 1986 animated commercial that promotes cheese products, stars Pink Panther. Found
16 Unidentified animated ad Commercial showing watercolor-like fashion-magazine-style woman holding a perfume bottle, with the word "PRINTEMPS" scrolling. It may refer to the Printemps fashion stores. Lost
17 Saint-Marc Laundry ad Aired in 1987 Found
18 Smacks breakfast cereals commercial No notes given. Lost
19 Katy the Caterpillar A 1984 animated film. Found
20 Minidou ad A 1993 commercial that promotes a fabric softener product. Found
21 Poisson d'Or Findus 1991 commercial that promotes fish sticks. Found
22 Mamie Nova Yogurts ad Aired in 1992. Found
23 Unidentified animated spot Anthropomorphic bank bills walking out of a house, shown on a TV monitor. Lost
24 Unidentified animated spot Grinning sharp-toothed man eating eggs, then a bowl of chocolate/coffee. Lost
25 Coulommiers le Roitelet A 1984 commercial promoting cheese. Found
26 Unidentified spot Footage of a live-action swimmer reaching to a starfish underwater. Lost
27 Another Mamie Nova yogurts ad(s) No notes given. Lost
28 Bamboula ad Created by Saint-Michel in 1990, promoted chocolate biscuits. Found
29 Avis de recherche animated opening Part of the opening was animated by the company in 1988. Found
30 Unidentified animated spot Tex-Avery-like wolf looking over a fence, possibly a Père Dodu ad. Lost
31 Savoie Olympique animated ad Commercial for the Savoie Olympique song album CD by Simon Et Les Modanais. Lost
32 Another Minidou ad No notes given. Lost
33 Unidentified animated ad Commercial featuring showing mosquitoes and cockroaches tormenting a person. Possibly a Baygon ad. Lost

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