King of the Hill - Fox Kids version (lost possible cut of animated series; existence unconfirmed; 1997-2001)

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A promo for the Fox Kids "Head for the Hills" marathon.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

On February 28th, 1998, Fox Kids hosted a day called "Fox Kids Head to the Hills". This special block was an all-morning event that had promos of the cast of King of the Hill interacting with the cartoons that aired on Fox Kids at the time. Out of all the possible combinations that could've happen the only found clips of these promos so far has been of the Hill Family meeting the Silver Surfer. These clips are made of stock footage of both shows with dubbed voices.

So far two clips of these promos featuring the Silver Surfer have surfaced. The first clip found was of Hank Hill meeting the Silver Surfer and convincing him to switch his surfboard to propane. A few months later a second clip was uploaded to a forum that showed various cartoons "invading" Hank Hill's yard.

A third promo that could have aired has Hank and Peggy lying in bed, but are awakened by a crashing noise. This causes Hank to ask "What all the racket was about?". Peggy then explains "That it was just their new neighbor, the Silver Surfer". There is later a scene where the Hill family and the Silver Surfer greet each other.

It is often wondered why King of the Hill was chosen for this despite being aimed at adults. According to the blog "kidsblockblog", King of the Hill was chosen because of its popularity among children in Fox Kids targeted age group. The blog shows another promo featuring Peggy Hill in a tribute to moms for Mother's Day.[1]

Possible Clean Edits[edit | edit source]

It is speculated that since there are promos for King of the Hill that aired on Fox Kids, then there have to be clean edits of the show. There is no evidence of the show airing on Fox Kids outside of forum threads with no hard evidence. Some of the speculations about these edits revolves around whether they aired nationwide or exclusively in the Upper Midwest local stations. Two possible episodes that have been suggested for clean edits are the episodes "The Son That Got Away" and "Now Who's The Dummy?".

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The promo featuring the Silver Surfer.
Another King of the Hill and Silver Surfer promo that aired on Fox Kids.

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