Jason Leffler (lost footage of fatal 410 Sprint Car accident; 2013)

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Jason Leffler.

Status: Lost

On 12th June 2013, NASCAR driver Jason Leffler was competing in a 410 Sprint Car race at Bridgeport Speedway when his vehicle suffered a front suspension failure. The resulting crash into the wall, as well as the car flipping several times, resulted in Leffler passing away from a blunt force neck injury. It is believed footage of the accident was captured, with one Reddit user claiming they had two videos of the crash.

Background[edit | edit source]

Jason Leffler entered the 410 Sprint Cars event that headlined the Night of Wings 2013 show at Bridgeport Speedway in New Jersey.[1] As per the Night of Wings qualifying format, Leffler was drawn into a heat race group that help to determine the qualifying order.[1] During the time trials stage, Leffler posted the ninth fastest speed out of 29 competitors.[2] He was therefore set to compete in a heat race that would give him the opportunity to qualify for the main race.[1]

During the heat race, Leffler was running second on the fifth lap of the event.[3][4] Suddenly, the front suspension of his vehicle failed as a torsion arm got lodged between the right front wheel and its front steering arm.[5][3][4] This caused him to lose control of the car, as its steering locked up.[3][5][4] The car then crashed left side-on into an outside concrete wall at Turn 4, before flipping over and eventually landing on its wheels.[4][3][5] While it is not known how fast Leffler was going at the time of the component failure, drivers generally reached an average speed of 135mph, and a top speed of 150 mph on the straights.[3][5]

While Leffler did wear a restraint that protected him from frontal impacts, it was not designed to protect drivers against side-on crashes.[6][7] Ultimately, this proved fatal as Leffler suffered a blunt force neck and backbone injury.[3][4] Medics tried resuscitating him after he lost consciousness and was not breathing, but it was to no avail.[4] He was transferred to the Crozer-Chester Medical Center, but passed away from his injuries 30 minutes after the accident, aged 37.[3][5][4] A NASCAR driver who had competed in the Cup Series since 2001, Leffler had also achieved two wins in the Busch Series, and a victory in the Craftsman Truck Series.[3][5] His resilient personality and grit also made him a popular and respected individual among fellow racers in the three national NASCAR series.[3] The race itself was immediately red-flagged following the crash, and out of respect for Leffler, the other events held that weekend were cancelled.[4] Additionally, full restraints for racing are now mandatory in New Jersey.[7]

Availability[edit | edit source]

While photos and footage of the aftermath are publicly available,[4] no video of the crash has ever resurfaced.[7] It is known that a spectator recorded parts of the race, which ends a lap prior to the impact.[7] However, it is unknown whether they were still filming by the time the crash occurred.[7] Additionally, one Reddit user claimed they were in possession of two different videos of the crash.[8] Out of respect for Leffler's family, they decided against posting it online.[8]

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TomoNews US' animated reconstruction of the crash.
Footage of the time trials that occurred earlier in the day.
Black Flags Matter video on Leffler.

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