Jackass: Too Hot For MTV (found special of MTV reality comedy TV series; 2002)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its nudity & dangerous stunts/activities.


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Status: Found

Date found: 15 Aug 2021

Found by: Sloan's TV Airchive

Jackass: Too Hot For MTV was an American television special, that was slated to air on August 9th, 2002[1]. It was one of three MTV network specials[2][1], to air in the lead-up, prior to Paramount Pictures & MTV Films premiere release of Jackass: The Movie - on October 25th, 2002.[3]

The stunts performed in Jackass: Too Hot For MTV pushed the envelope for what could be broadcasted on television and even saw pressure from lawmakers to air the special at a later time slot.

Background[edit | edit source]

The last episode of the hit MTV show Jackass aired on February 3rd, 2002. As a send-off to the television series, Jackass: The Movie was released in theatres on October 25th, 2002. In order to build up hype for the movie, three specials were aired that gave viewers exclusive stunts that could be expected in Jackass: The Movie. These stunts pushed what could be shown on television.

Content[edit | edit source]

MTV's jump from television production to movie-film production garnered the ability to produce and release content that could potentially be rated for a more mature audience without complying with television censors and regulations. In the lead-up to the R-Rated Jackass: The Movie, MTV aired three television specials to promote the upcoming film. The first of the three specials was titled "Too Hot For TV" - featuring stunts and clips from the series that never made the final cut. Of such stunts, the following may have been included:[4]

  • Johnny Knoxville as an escaped convict
  • Steve-O Stilts on Fire
  • Bam Margera jumping off a bridge
  • Ehren McGheghey swallowing a spoonful of flour
  • ? streaking in front of a moving car
  • Jenn's daughter jumps off a roof into Phil's arms
  • ?, police involved
  • Steve-O shoots a firework at Jeff Tremaine
  • Ehren McGhehey jumping down a flight of stairs
  • Raab Himself peeing on an electric fence
  • Bam Margera Skating on Preston Lacey's face
  • Steve-O lights up a fart
  • Dave England making a vomit omelette
  • Bam Margera(?) in a barrel rolling off a roof
  • Steve-O lights a firecracker from his butt
  • Dimitry Elyashkevich get too drunk at a party (?)
  • ? filmed in a bathroom stall
  • ? falls off a roof and into a hedge
  • Steve-O shoots fireworks at Chris Pontius' ass
  • Johnny Knoxville's rocket skates
  • Clyde Singleton streaking in the middle of a road
  • ? is put in a box and thrown down stairs
  • ? jumps off a bridge into a pile of leaves
  • Steve-O gets a heart-shaped iron branding
  • ? interrupts a game of minigolf
  • ? pretending to be a shark, stopped by lifeguards
  • ? offer strangers a poo-smeared dollar
  • Johnny Knoxville pisses on Jeff Tremaine's feet
  • Steve-O takes an ice bath
  • ? jumps onto a parked car
  • ?'s poo on a stick
  • Chris Pontius sticks dick in Steve-O's face
  • Dimitry Elyashkevich drops ?? into a toilet
  • Johnny Knoxville pees at a mattress store
  • ? uses ? as a baseball target
  • Dave England sticks a pretend-penis (banana) in Steve-O's face
  • Johnny Knoxville Dog Poo Socks
  • Car flies over a bridge
  • Steve-O poos on stilts
  • ? shoots himself with a bulletproof vest
  • ?'s son replicates poo on a stick
  • Steve-O gets a home-made tattoo in a trailer

Availability[edit | edit source]

This particular special has never seen the light of day since its scheduled airing on MTV, quite possibly as a result of political pressure[5] publicized by Sen. Joseph Lieberman, who urged MTV to air their hit TV Show Jackass at a later time period, and "to include more explicit and more straightforward warnings about the potential consequences of each stunt." He also stated that the show’s rating for mature audiences was undercut by the fact that MTV promotes Jackass throughout the rest of its schedule when kids may be watching".[6] This was particularly in light of unfortunate news stories about kids who were rumoured to have emulated the dangerous activities featured in the show and suffered serious injuries in consequence of such actions.[7] Thus, it never aired, and Andrew W.K's Making Of 'We Want Fun' the music video, was aired in its place.

It was rumoured that a VHS tape of this special, including no censoring whatsoever (explicitly featuring nudity, for example), was circulated among cast, crew & friends during this time.[8] In the many years since its slated airing, communities have wondered, pondered and petitioned[9] to have this special released officially, on home media, to no such reply from the MTV network.[10]

These rumoured turned out to be true as randomly on August 15th, 2021, the uncensored version of the special was uploaded to YouTube by user Sloan's TV Airchive. [11]

Subsequent Result[edit | edit source]

A release schedule (with correct air-dates[12]) for the MTV Specials, aired prior to the premiere of Jackass The Movie:

  • August 18th, 2002 - Backyard Special
  • August 25th, 2002 - The Making of Jackass The Movie
  • September 22nd, 2002 - Making Of 'We Want Fun'
  • October 23rd, 2002 - MTV Cribs - Jackass Edition

References[edit | edit source]