Inkawar (lost real-time strategy game; 2007)

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Inkawar title.jpeg

Title screen.

Status: Lost

Inkawar is a real-time strategy game developed by Peruvian developer Luis Grimaldo which was released on his website on 2007. The website has since been taken down and there is no way to obtain this game.


The game was first developed in 2005, as an entry to ImagineCup which ended up as a finalist. The game was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, specifically Microsoft Visual C# (initially using Microsoft Visual Basic 6), using a graphics platform called GX specially designed for the game by Luis Grimaldo. Then in 2007, A version of the game released online with a campaign called "Inca Empire". A while after the game was released, the website was shut down.


Since the game was only available on the website, it has since been unobtainable. So the only proof of this game, is a screenshot, gameplay footage, and a reference in Technology, Literature, and Digital Culture in Latin America: Mediatized Sensibilities in a Globalized Era.[1]


Gameplay from the developer.
A screenshot from the game.

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