Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures (lost build of cancelled Sega Genesis port of Super Nintendo game based on action-adventure films; 1995)

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Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures Genesis 4.jpg

French magazine preview.

Status: Lost

Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures is a 1994 SNES game based on the first three Indiana Jones movies. A Sega Mega Drive/Genesis version was also in development, completed and ready to be released between summer and autumn of 1995.

It was cancelled for unknown reasons, possibly because it was going to be released very late in the Genesis's lifespan.

The version was going to be published by U.S. Gold. A prototype was sold on eBay in May 2015 for £770 (US $1,210.98). According to the Sega-16 forums, there were plans to release the version officially. Owners of Factor Five and a member have been working on it for years. They approached and asked the Nolan Brothers not to release the ROM.

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Six-minutes of gameplay.

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