Hate Hurts You (partially found animated anti-racism PSA; 1974)

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Screenshot from the 10-Second version of the PSA.

Status: Partially Found

Hate Hurts You was a 30-second anti-racism PSA for the Jewish Chautauqua Society. It began airing around 1974.[1]

The ad was infamous for it's terrifying nature with the depiction of an angry man getting closer to the screen as his head swells and turns red, along with a haunting voiceover and music track, which reportedly terrified children, so in December 1982, The Jewish Chautauqua Society rereleased a shorter version of the PSA, with a less scary voiceover and music track.

Description[edit | edit source]

In the ad, a cartoon man walks towards the screen. As he gets closer, his head grows bigger and redder with each step. Along with eerie music came a sinister voice saying "Hate... is an acid that corrodes A poison that erodes... Your body, mind and soul... So when you hate... Who do you hurt the most? Hate hurts you..." Once the angry cartoon man walks straight towards the screen, the man explodes, followed by the voiceover yelling, "HATE HURTS YOU!"

In the 1982 Version, the ad begins with the already angry cartoon man walking towards the screen. Different music and voiceover can be heard. The voiceover now says, "When you hate, Who do you hurt the most? And like the original, once the man explodes, the voiceover says, "Hate hurts YOU!" but in a less frightening voice.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Due to its scary tone, the PSA was pulled off the air shortly, although some claims stating it might have aired up until the early 1980s according to comments of a YouTube upload of the PSA. As of August 2021, the 10-second version is currently available, while the original 30-second has yet to surface.

Videos[edit | edit source]

10-second version of the PSA.

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