Great Temptation (lost episode of Ten Network game show; 1970-75)

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Tony Barber and co-host Barbra Rodgers during a taping of the show.

Status: Lost

Great Temptation was an Australian game show that aired on the the Ten Network from 1970 to 1975. The show is known as a early version of the Australian version of Sale Of The Century (that aired five years after this show ended) It was hosted by Australian television veteran Tony Barber (the show was Barber's first television hosting duty) and the show's format is very similar to Sale Of The Century. While the show hasn't been seen since it's original airings, one episode hasn't been seen at all.

According to Barber in a interview on Today Extra in April 2016;[1]

"No one was very sure at first because she actually won the game, I said "Congratulations Valerie, you've won!" and she slopped. There was a bit of confusion. We cleared the studio and the doctors were called."

Barber then headed back to his dressing room where he said the floor manager gave him an update on the situation.

He then concluded;

"I said "How is she? She seems passed out." And he said "Tony, she's passed on." It was awful and very upsetting for everybody there."

Taping was halted immediately; the episode was never completed and never aired due to this incident. No one knows what killed her, and how much she won is also unknown.

Not much else is know about the episode or when it was taped during the series' six season run. Given that this was taped during the early 1970s where reusing tapes was common at the Ten Network, it is extremely unlikely that the episode will ever see the light of day.

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