Get Ready To Wiggle! (lost "The Wiggles" UK album; 1999)

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The album's front cover.

Status: Lost

Get Ready To Wiggle! is a Wiggles album that was released in the UK around June of 1999 by Walt Disney Records due to the success of The Wiggles videos Wiggle Time! and Yummy Yummy and their concerts in the same year.[1]

Due to the album being currently lost and that there's only 1 website that mentioned anything on the album is The Wiggles website in 1999, it's currently unknown if it's a a compilation album or a single release. It is also assumed to be released on compact disc but whether or not it was also released on cassette is unclear since it didn't mentioned that it would be released on CD or on cassette but as a "audio project."

Although the album is lost, it's assumed to have the same title song that was also released in the same year in America on the Let's Wiggle album alongside other songs from the same album and/or Yummy Yummy.

Availability[edit | edit source]

While the back cover or the disc itself has yet to surface online, the front cover was uploaded on Instagram by the name of Johnny Wiggle (who was originally from Lance), but it's unclear what source Lance got the image from.[2].

As of June 2022, the Get Ready To Wiggle! album has yet to be found

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