GMA-7 "Star Trek" station ID (lost Filipino station ID; 1979)

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GMA 7 1979.png

Stills from the station ID.

Status: Lost

When GMA Network was relaunched by the triumvirate composed of Gilberto Duavit Sr., Menardo Jimenez, and Felipe Gozon in 1974[1], the station changed its name to GMA Radio-Television Arts, with the logo sporting a blue square logo. In 1977, it used the iconic circle 7 logo (used by ABC stations in the USA) until 1980. In 1979, an iconic ID was made that is said to only worth less than 100 pesos to make.

Station ID[edit | edit source]

The 30-second Station ID, at that time, showed GMA's provincial stations, although instead of the usual map, they created spinning logos of their logos specifically the GMA, Where You Belong, and the circle 7 logos using aluminum foil, illustration board, and nylon strings. The logos were shot in a green background and put in a Star Trek background on which the station was airing at that time. The jingle of the ID was "Distant Planets" by Pepper and Tanner with the narrator of the ID being Bert Liboon.

Availability[edit | edit source]

According to Nestor Pulido, merchandising director of GMA at that time, he said it only took two weeks to make, and the feedback was great according to him, friends and audience alike.

The ID was first mentioned by Daniel Escolano, whom he described the ID in a Jojo Bailon video.[2] Not until April 2022 when PHTV archivist JACOBSHLTR found a TV Times page of this ID on Facebook, with more descriptions and stills of the ID, gaining the attention of several people.[3] On April 18, 2022, TheComputerParts made a snippet recreation of the ID, also gaining attention and good reviews saying that it is accurate to the original ID.

It is unknown if GMA has the ID in their archives, and the real ID, with other more 1970s PHTV footage, hasn't yet resurfaced on the web.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Videos[edit | edit source]

Partial recreation of the ID by TheComputerParts.

References[edit | edit source]

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