Femina (partially found Filipino commercials of iron supplement; 2002)

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Endtag from the third version.

Status: Lost

Femina was an iron supplement under Unilab. In 2002, several commercials were made advertising the product, which some deemed unintentionally creepy to eyewitnesses at that time.

Background[edit | edit source]

There are 3 versions of the ad. The first version, named "Serial Killer" ran from March to April 2002. The ad starts with a female doctor explaining about iron deficiency anemia on a black background and later on the word "Fight IDA" was shown. It served as a teaser for the next commercial.

The second version, named "Breakthrough" ran from April to September 2002. The plot is said to be the same as the first version but the difference is that Femina was introduced in the commercial.

The third version, named "Icon" ran from October to November 2002. It features a red girl icon and instantly beeps and spins slowly and the female doctor is still explaining about anemia. An IDA icon broke like a glass and a Femina capsule was shown. Later on, the red girl icon was shown again and slowly fit with the Femina logo.[1][2]

Availability[edit | edit source]

The commercials were first mentioned on The Spooky Advertisements Group in 2018. The third version was found on a Miss Earth 2002 video in 2021. An eyewitness saw it on ABS-CBN too in early 2002. People started planning on contacting Unilab as it is known they have archives of their own commercials.[3]

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Videos[edit | edit source]

"Icon", the third version of the commercial.

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