Fallout Extreme (lost build of cancelled multi-platform tactical shooter; early 2000s)

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Fallout Extreme Logo.png

Logo for the game.

Status: Lost

Fallout Extreme was a game under development by 14 Degrees East and Interplay during the early 2000s for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. It was to use the Unreal Engine. The game was still in prototype stages when it was canceled by 14 Degrees East, presumably for them to focus development on the PC-exclusive Fallout Tactics. It is said that the game did not make it far into development, not far beyond the concept stages.

The game was never officially announced, and its existence was virtually unknown until detailed information about it was released in January 2010.

The game would have used a squad-based system similar to the one eventually used in Tactics.



Description of the game using design documents plus two screenshots from The Strong Museum

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