Dreamchasers (lost Epcot post-show; 2001-2004)

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Banner shown next to the show room.

Status: Lost

Dreamchasers was a five-and-a-half-minute[1] CG-animated show that ran in the post-show area for Test Track at Epcot. The show featured two guides, Gena and Mo, as they take the viewer through six environments, including a wild west scene, a beach scene, and outer space,[2] while showcasing GM's development of their cars from marketing to production, and featured a look at GM's plans for the future.[1]

The show was disliked by parkgoers, who saw the attraction as a glorified GM ad.[1] In 2004, the show was replaced with a completely different show with the same name, with the story revolving around a toy Hummer H2 who aspired to be a real car.[3] Two years later, the space was replaced with a completely different exhibition called Fuel for Thought.[4]


Dreamchasers was presented through custom-built chairs with a fixed headset with stereo speakers and small screens that showed 3D video. These chairs swiveled in synchronization with the show up to 180 degrees,[1] though the motion only worked when the viewer was fully seated.[5] There were also buttons that allowed for closed captioning and Portuguese and Spanish audio.[6]


No recordings of this show have surfaced anywhere, likely due to the small fixed screens making it difficult, if not impossible, to create a good recording of the show.