CommuniCore (lost programs and footage from Disney attraction; 1982)

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Stars And Stripes Forever in CommuniCore East.

Status: Lost

CommuniCore was a pavilion in Walt Disney World's EPCOT Center in 1982 created by the Sperry Corporation, the pavilion was divided into two buildings, that being CommuniCore East and West. These two semi-circular buildings housed various areas that focused on different things such as energy and computing. Since it's closing in January of 1994 and conversion into Innoventions, much of CommuniCore's original media is now lost. Much of CommuniCore relied on interactive computer programs, video, and photographs, all of which are now missing aside from footage of these during the attraction's period.

List of Attractions

  • Taxi Driver - Game in the Energy Exchange area, taught about energy consumption.
  • Get Jet Set - Book digital passengers on a plane.
  • Great American Census Quiz - Touchscreen quiz game based on your selected genre for things like how many calls are made in America
  • Stars And Stripes Forever - Building the American flag on an assembly line.
  • Compute-a-Coaster - Making your own digital roller coaster in CGI.
  • Futurechoice Theatre Electronic Forum - Play a poll in real time in an auditorium while the results are displayed on the screen in front of the player.
  • Travel Port - Choose a country on a touch screen monitor and see photographs and facts about it on a large sphere.
  • AT&T True Vision - Demonstrated color graphics by matching colored squares.
  • Bit by Bit - Demonstrated computer memory.
  • Tele-Trivia - Demonstrated fiber optic cables while explaining the history of AT&T.
  • Scramble Faces - Takes a photo of you and scrambles it, you unscramble it like a slide puzzle.
  • Famous Faces - Identify celebrities that have been removed in scenes.
  • Network Controller - Switch calls from overloaded lines to complete as many as possible.
  • Chip Cruiser - Destroy a computer virus before it reaches the network.
  • Putting It All Together - Quiz on EPCOT Center.
  • Electronic Finger Paint - Unknown.
  • Phraser - Voice synthesis program.
  • Lost For Words - Guide a mouse through a maze using voice synthesis.

List of Videos

  • Backstage Magic Tour - Tour video and hologram used in the Backstage Magic area.
  • Travel Port - Various footage and photos used on the Travel Port sphere.

List of Audio

  • Age Of Information - Music for animated sculpture in CommuniCore West.
  • Communicore Atmosphere - Incomplete recording of general area music for CommuniCore.