A hole in the brain (lost documentary; NSFL)

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I remember watching a youtube video about disturbing lost media and it mentioned a lost documentary. the documentary was about trepanning, which is an very old medical practice. Trepanning was pretty much drilling a hole in someone's head. It was a 'cure' for mental illness. It was used back when people though mental illness was caused by demons. Anyway, the documentary was made by somebody who belived that trepanning worked and she drilled a hole into her own head and her pet pigeon's head. the film had footage of the bird and footage of the woman drilling a hole in her head. if i am correct, only 7 minutes of the film have been found. the video I watched included some of the footage of the woman trepanning herself. Also, the film is listed on Letterboxd with all 7 minutes of the footage. I looked for an article on this wiki for more information since I was intrigued but I cannot find it anywhere. I'd rather not write it since I'm not the best at writing articles, but if nobody is interesed in doing I'd do it.