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Hey guys, I’m blameitonjorge. I’m an aspiring video editor from Orange County, California and I began creating content on my YouTube channel when I was 17 years old. I make videos on all sorts of topics like tv shows, video games, and most notably Lost Media.

Latest Video

"The Creepy "Hitogata" Japanese Commercial - Lost Media Case Files Vol 3" (24 Apr 2021)
It's time to dig through the case files and uncover some new of the latest pieces of lost media I've come across.

Other Videos

Here are some of my Lost Media countdown videos, all categorized. I’ve heard a lot of people got into lost media through me, so maybe these will help ya get started.

7 Lost Sesame Street Skits"
"10 Lost/Missing Pilot Episodes From Popular Kids Shows"
"12 Lost Pieces of Cartoon Network Media"
"15 Lost Disney Cartoons, Episodes, & Shorts That We May Never See Again"