Chadtronic (partially lost unreleased videos of let's play/reaction YouTube channel; 2013-2016)

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Chadtronic's current YouTube icon.

Status: Partially Lost

Chadtronic is a YouTuber who makes reaction videos in a style similar to H3H3 Productions, another popular YouTube reactionist. He currently sits at over 812,000 subscribers as of August 7th, 2021 and has made several types of videos, such as toy reviews and podcasts. He has a huge amount of material that is unreleased or removed from both the main channel and the second channel, Chadtronic Games (Previously Chadtronic Pokémon). The lost content might have a chance of reappearing due to the existence of his Patreon series, First Class Fricks.

Non-Pillow Talk Videos[edit | edit source]

Title Upload Date Status and Remarks
Best Reaction to Facebook Buys Oculus Rift Uploaded somewhere between March 25th and April 1st, 2014. Found

(The video seems to have been privated somewhere around April 17th, 2014, a few weeks after it's release. The video is still privated on his channel.)

Pokemon Snap - Mildly Interesting Facts October 24th, 2014 Found
WTF Moments in Nintendo Power November 11th, 2014 Found
Who is MIPS the Rabbit? Super Mario 64 November 29th, 2014


(This video was to be found on Chadtronic's website, though it was most likely also available on his Youtube channel.)

Nintendo Get Ready for E3 2015! - Chadtronic Direct Reaction June 15th, 2015 Found
10 Secrets in The Legend of Zelda - Chadtronic June 30th, 2015 Found
Goku vs Link Epic Rap Battle – Chadtronic July 31st, 2015 Found
1up Box Unboxing! November 10th, 2015 Found
Chadtronic Room Tour May 6th, 2016 Found

(Available on First Class Fricks.)

Sanic Ball - Chadtronic August 11th, 2016 Found
Yogi Oki Doki May 5th, 2017 Found

(Available on First Class Fricks. This video was said to be uploaded sometime in 2015.)

xXx MLG Splatoon Splat Roller Montage xXx May 8th, 2017 Found
Awkward Live Speed Run Moments - Chadtronic Reaction May 11th, 2017 Found
WTF Moments In Nintendo Power #2 June 3rd, 2017 Found

(Available on First Class Fricks.)

Donkey Kong Country Movie Review June 24th, 2017

Found (Available on First Class Fricks.)

WTF Moments In Nintendo Power #3 July 15th, 2017 Found

(Available on First Class Fricks.)

WTF Moments in Nintendo Power #4 July 29th, 2017 Found

(Available on First Class Fricks.)

DEEP INTO YOUTUBE August 6th, 2017 Found

Pillow Talk Videos[edit | edit source]

Pillow Talk is a series made by Chadtronic together with Evan Pischel and Kyle Marvin. The series is filmed in Chadtronic's home and then uploaded to YouTube and Apple Podcasts. It was found out on May 8th, 2017 that the series was not available on his second channel, Chadtronic 2, while only episode 3, 5, and the Pokémon special is available on Apple Podcasts. It is speculated that the deleted the videos, because they weren't as popular, compared to his Pokemon related content.[1] Similarly, with the other videos, the videos might also appear in the First Class Fricks series. In fact, it was known that the audio from the first episode came from the audio track of the video, as there were various cutscenes throughout the podcast.

# Title Upload Date Status and Remarks
1 Nintendo Direct Discussion, #FindPokemonLive Update, Tanic 3 Conspiracy - Pillow Talk #1 September 10th, 2016 Found
2 Bootleg Bumping Mario, Super Mario Run, Pokemon Go on Apple Watch - Pillow Talk #2 September 12th, 2016 Found
Special Pokemon Go, Games & Toys! 1 HOUR PILLOW TALK SPECIAL! September 19th, 2016 Found
3 YouTube Heroes, Mini-NES, Mario's Age Revealed, Twitch Prime - Pillow Talk #3 October 3rd, 2016 Found
4 Pokemon Sun & Moon Discussion, Pokemon TCG Unboxing - Pillow Talk #4 November 20th, 2016 Lost

(Episode not available on Apple Podcasts.)

5 Pokemon Go Changes, YouTube Changes! - Pillow Talk #5 December 7th, 2016 Partially Found

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The only surviving clip of episode #5.

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