Cartoon Planet (partially found "Live from Cartoon Planet" bumpers of Cartoon Network animated variety series; 1995)

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Status: Partially Found

During the original 1995 run of Cartoon Planet, when it aired on both TBS and Cartoon Network, was an hour long, and was made to host various cartoons from the Turner library, it included bumpers to bookend the commercial breaks.

History[edit | edit source]

The bumpers themselves were recorded live and were voiced by either Andy Merrill (as Brak), Don Kennedy, or associate producer Jefferson Clay, who would open with "This is Jefferson, reporting live from Cartoon Planet..." Eventually all of the host segments of Cartoon Planet were edited and compiled into half-hour versions that omitted the cartoons and replaced the live bumpers with pre-recorded ones (the same ones were played over and over).

Surfaced Content[edit | edit source]

The original live bumpers have mostly been lost to time. However, some have been uploaded onto Youtube in a bumper compilation which can be found below.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The bumpers in question (starting at 9:12).
More Cartoon Planet bumpers.

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