Boo Berry (partially lost 1-minute version of cereal commercial; 1973)

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Boo Berry.jpg

The Retro Boo Berry Cereal box from 2013.

Status: Partially Lost

Boo Berry is a blueberry-flavored cereal with blueberry flavored marshmallows released in 1973 by General Mills.[1] It is the third cereal in the Monster Cereals franchise. That same year, a commercial was made to help promote the cereal. The cereal (alongside Count Chocula and Franken Berry) is still being manufactured to this day, albeit exclusively around the Fall season.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Franken Berry and Count Chocula argue about which cereal is the best (just like in most commercials that feature the duo) until the bells on the front door rang and they both decided to open it. A ghost named Boo Berry appeared greeting them (Though he accidentally frightened the duo), he tells them that he's their new neighbor and that he came to borrow some milk. He then explains who he is and what the Boo Berry cereal is. Count Chocula and Franken Berry tie-up Boo's chains on him and kick him out of their home, the duo then continues to bicker about who has the super-sweet cereal. Boo Berry then comes back into their house telling us that Boo Berry is out and Franken Berry and Count Chocula get scared and ran crashing through the front door.

Information[edit | edit source]

Only the 30-second commercial is available in its entirety online. The 30-second version cuts out some animation and sped up some dialog. A 1-minute version exists but has yet to be found online in its entirety.

The Remains of the 1-Minute Commercial[edit | edit source]

On the Totally Obsessed episode on Boo Berry, two clips from the 1-minute commercial were shown. In an episode the Food Network's Unwrapped, more clips were shown that gives us more context on what the 1-Minute commercial was like.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The 30-second commercial.
Totally Obsessed: Boo Berry (features clips from the 1-minute commercial).
Food Network's Unwrapped (features more clips from the 1-minute commercial).

References[edit | edit source]