Baby Einstein: World of Colors (partially found direct-to-DVD video; 2009)

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A screenshot from a puppet show.

Status: Partially Found

Baby Einstein: World of Colors was a cancelled Baby Einstein Direct-to-DVD video announced in 2009. A trailer was found on the Baby Einstein: World Animal Adventure DVD, and it made some Baby Einstein fans/enthusiasts begin searching for information.

In 2016, a large discovery was found when a YouTube user by the name of GeorgeBonouki IsBack found the puppet shows on Baby Einstein's Facebook page and had originally uploaded the footage until his account was terminated. Not much else is known about the video, besides the fact that it starred a peacock and featured colors from around the world.

A DVD was released in 2010 with the same title, but it was a rehash of Baby Einstein: Baby Van Gogh.

Footage[edit | edit source]

All of the puppet shows featured in Baby Einstein: World of Colors.
2009 trailer for Baby Einstein: World of Colors.