Astérix et la Potion Magique (lost DOS port of action game; 1986)

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Asterix potion pc box.jpg

Thomson MO5 cover.

Status: Lost

Astérix et la Potion Magique ("Asterix and the Magic Potion") is a side-scrolling action game produced by Coktel Vision for Amstrad CPC, PC-DOS, Thomson MO5 and Thomson TO[1] in the year 1986.[2]

Based on the popular Asterix French comic series, this game's plot is a partial adaptation of the first book, "Asterix The Gaul." In this story, Panoramix and Asterix are captured by Romans and are interrogated to reveal the Gauls' strength-enhancing potion recipe. However, Asterix and Panoramix send a fake list of ingredients that makes beards grow a thousand times faster.

Each player chooses its personality and travels across Europe for the ingredients, whilst trying to avoid boars and Romans. Once all items are collected, the player heads to the Roman camp and finds Panoramix to end the game.[3]

This game was not very popular, primarily because of its frustrating controls and mechanics. On top of that, there is a time limit which only increases by defeating Romans.[4]

Notably, the exclusive Asterix mini-puzzle[5] and a short black-and-white comic story called "In 50 BC."[6] are included in the game box.

While there is a record of a DOS port of the game being developed, no copy has ever been found.


Gameplay on Amstrad CPC.
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