Amazing Animals (partially lost Disney educational TV series; 1996-1999)

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Cover of the show.

Status: Partially Lost

Amazing Animals (also known as Henry's Amazing Animals) was an educational kid show that ran on Disney Channel from 1996 to 1999. The show was about a lizard named Henry that would teach and show the audience about animals from different time periods, various types of animals, and animals in different climates and locations. The show had many home media releases, but only available on VHS. Each VHS release only had one episode, which lasted for 24 minutes. Most episodes of the show were released on VHS, although some episodes had no media release of any kind. All home media releases of the show are hard to find and remain rare. Of the 52 episodes, 17 have yet to be found.

The show also aired in Russia and has a Russian dub. Only the pilot "Tropical Birds" is available in full in Russian. The episode "Animal Records" was found partially in Russian, meaning 51 episodes of the show in Russian are lost. There was no home media release in Russia of any kind, making all Russian dubs of this show extremely rare. A French dub of the show may possibly exist as well since the show aired in Canada, though no episodes are available of the show in French, thus leaving the dubs existence unconfirmed.

Episode List

# Episode Title Status
1 Tropical Birds Found
2 Animal Disguises Found
3 Nighttime Animals Found
4 Animal Appetites Found
5 Animal Survivors Found
6 Animal Senses Found
7 Animal Weapons Found
8 Animal Builders Found
9 Armored Animals Found
10 Mini Beasts Found
11 Animal Babies Found
12 Poisonous Animals Found
13 Animal Journeys Found
14 Birds of Prey Found
15 Desert Animals Found
16 Scary Animals Found
17 Animal Records Found
18 Animal Colors Found
19 Animal Mothers Lost
20 Animal Pets Found
21 Seashore Animals Found
22 Animal Families Lost
23 Endangered Animals Found
24 An Animal Year Found
25 Prehistoric Animals Found
26 Monkeys and Apes Found
27 Animal Hunters Found
28 Animal Talk Found
29 Slimy Animals Found
30 Rainforest Animals Found
31 Animal Acrobats Found
32 Underwater Animals Found
33 Animal Neighbors Found
34 Animal Giants Found
35 Creepy Crawly Animals Lost
36 Farm Animals Found
37 Animal Changes Found
38 Extinct Animals Found
39 Animal Eggs Found
40 Around the World Lost
41 Polar Animals Lost
42 Clever Animals Lost
43 Underground Animals Lost
44 Animal Helpers Lost
45 Woodland Animals Lost
46 Mountain Animals Lost
47 Backyard Animals Lost
48 Tiny Animals Lost
49 Animal Partners Lost
50 Scaly Animals Lost
51 River Animals Lost
52 Animal Flight Lost

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