A Little Bit Strange (partially found pilot of unproduced supernatural comedy TV series; 1989)

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Production still.

Status: Partially Found

A Little Bit Strange is a television pilot from 1989 that wasn't picked up after airing. The pilot was directed by Jack Shea and based on a story written by Stephen Curwick.[1] It was about an African-American family of sorcerers. According to a review on IMDb, the members of the family were able to conjure up anything (as was possible on prior television shows like Bewitched) and had a strange uncle named Frank who was based on Frankenstein.[2]

The pilot is included in a book about funny unsold pilots written by Lee Goldberg, an American television producer and screenwriter.[3] The pilot's sole airing was on April 23rd, 1989 on NBC.[4][5]

While the pilot has yet to appear online or in any form, it is possible that a home recording on VHS or master copy may exist. The only footage that is on the internet right now is of the two commercials for the show.

Videos[edit | edit source]

The 1st commercial for the show "A Little Bit Strange".
Another commercial for "A Little Bit Strange" (starts at 3:46).

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